Design of Experiments

Solving chronic quality issues has been a challenge for many decades. The last decade has shown a significant break through in the effectiveness of Design of Experiments. This method developed by Dorian Shainin and advertised by Keki Bhote who adopted the method and has given it the reputation it has today. In many cases, the complexity of technology, the narrow specification range and the many factors and parameters involved do not simplify to find the root cause. Design of Experiments (DoE) as developed by Dorian Shainin, has a very strong track record in solving real life complicated quality issues.

The method consists of the following steps:
1. Determine if the method can solve the specific issue
2. 'To translate' the issue (the characteristic) to a measurable quantity
3. To reduce the search area ('Intelligent Searching')
4. To determine the cause(s)
5. To quantify the effect of the causes
6. To verify the suggested improvement
7. To determine process parameter borders
8. To control the process